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Marmoleum Click and Tile
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Forbo - Dual Tile -Marmoleum
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Product Description


Forbo Marmoleum Dual Tile Collections

The 30 colors in this tile range have been carefully selected for their balance and ability to enhance different tile combinations with color accents and patterns. Dual tiles are available in sizes of 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm) and 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm).

All 30 colors of Marmoleum Dual Tile are also available in Marmoleum


Product Specifications



Shades may vary from sample.

All colors avaiable in sheet format.
Roll width: 6’ 7”.
Backing: jute (sheet), polyester (tile).
Gauge: 1/10” (2.5 mm).
Click wear surface: 2 mm Marmoleum.
Click baseboard: water repellent HDF.
Click backing: 1 mm cork.
Click gauge: 3/8” (9.8 mm).

Available Colors and Styles

Available Colors and Styles

white marble t2607 calico t2713 black t2939 graphite t3048

T2607             T2713             T2939            T3048

White Marble  Calico              Black             Graphite

Kyoto t3126 moraine t3216 red amaranth t3228 marigold t3226

T3126            T3216             T3228            T3226

Kyoto             Moraine          Red Amaranth Marigold

urban night t3220 shitake t3233 bleeckerstreet t3127 fresco blue t3055

T3220            T3233             T3217            T3055

Urban Night  Shitake            Bleeckerstreet Fresco Blue

blue t3030 barley t2707 dove grey t2621 coffee t2784

T3030           T2707             T2621             T2784

Blue               Barley            Dove Grey       Coffee

shell t3075 butter t2795 golden sunset t3125 forest ground t3234

T3075            T2795             T3125             T3234

Shell               Butter            Golden Sunset  Forest Ground

hyacinth t3221 charteuse t3224 emerald t3223 dark bistre t3236

T3221           T3224              T3223             T3236

Hyacinth       Charteuse       Emerald         Dark Bistre

rosato t3120 rust t2767 eiger t2629 dove blue t3053

T3120            T2767            T2629              T3053

Rosato           Rust               Eiger               Dove Blue

deep ocean t3218 horse roan t3232

T3218            T3232

Deep Ocean  Horse Roan



















Available Options:
T2607 White Marble:  
T2621 Dove Grey:  
T2629 Eiger:  
T2707 Barley:  
T2713 Calico:  
T2767 Rust:  
T2784 Coffee:  
T2795 Butter:  
T2939 Black:  
T3030 Blue:  
T3048 Graphite:  
T3053 Dove Blue:  
T3055 Fresco Blue:  
T3075 Shell:  
T3120 Rosato:  
T3125 Golden Sunset:  
T3126 Kyoto:  
T3216 Moraine:  
T3217 Bleeckerstreet:  
T3218 Deep Ocean:  
T3220 Urban Night:  
T3221 Hyacinth:  
T3223 Emerald:  
T3224 Charteuse:  
T3226 Marigold:  
T3228 Red Maranth:  
T3232 Horse Roan:  
T3233 Shitake:  
T3234 Forest Ground:  
T3236 Dark Bistre:  
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