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Hickory - Engineered
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Olde Charleston - 7 1/2" Hickory Hazelnut - UA Floors
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Product Description


The Olde Charleston Collection

The Olde Charleston Collection – Ua Floors' widest, longest, boldest products, all with something special -- the industrial history of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, the Natural Disaster history of our Wormy Chestnut, the nostalgic history of our American classics --- Black Walnut, American Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Hickory in unique colors and treatments. Nothing fake, nothing artificial. No handscraping or distressing. What you see are the character marks Mother Nature herself provided.

Or, in the case of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, what you see are the marks of heavy use over many years in a textile factory. Whether reclaimed wood, like our heart pine, or new timber, like our other classics, you will find that no two planks and no two floors will look alike. Each is as unique and distinct as Nature can give.

Olde Charleston Hazelnut Hickory is made from true American Hickory combine strength, hardness, and toughness unmatched by all other North American Species, which is why it is widely used for tool handles and other heavy duty uses. Our Hazelnut Hickory includes beautiful character marks suck as tight knots, heartwood/sapwood, and black worm tracks. Our oil-like finish in combination with the cvharacter marks creates a floor that is about as close to nature and our American heritage as you can get. Hickory expands and contracts more than most woods, so slight gaps between flooring boards or slight cupping are common during extremely dry periods.

Product Specifications

Sku:                           OC7530HH

Wood Species:          Hickory

Color:                   Hazelnut

Length:                 Random length 1' to 7'

Width:                       7 1/2"

Thickness:                1/2"

Top Wear Layer:      1/8"

Lower Substrate:     3/8"

Profile:                      Tongue and Groove

Edge:                          Microbevel

Finish:                        Aluminum Oxide multilayer coating with oil

Finish Hardness:       5H +- 1H

Abrasive Resist:       CS-17 9000 revolutions

Moisture Resist:       Glue lines rated Marine Grade, Exterior WBP

Installation:              Glue down, Staple down, or Floated

Sqft per Carton:        29.45

Lbs per Carton:         48.60

Carton per Pallet:     59

Sqft per Pallet:          1,737.55

Installation Specifications




Available Options:
OCBT530HH Baby Threshold 84":  
OCOR530HH Overlap Reducer 84":  
OCR530HH Reducer 84":  
OCSN530HH Stairnose 84":  
OCTM530HH T-Molding 84":  
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