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Bamboo Solid
Bamboo 3 3/4" Vertical Carbonizied
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Product Description


The Bamboo Collection

Bamboo is a green and durable alternative to hardwood. Naturally, you need to cut down a tree to produce hardwood, but because bamboo is a grass, it takes significantly less time to grow and harvest (about 5 years compared to 20+ years of tree growth). Bamboo is truly one of nature’s most renewable resources. It is comparable in strength to the mightiest Northern Red Oak trees, yet it withstands contraction and expansion compared to traditional hardwood. Bamboo is also more impervious to moisture than wood. 

The warm and rich tones of our bamboo products enrich the environment it’s surrounded in, and would be an excellent fit for any commercial, residential, or product space, though designers and architects have found it’s use in homes, offices, hotels, and retail shops to be unique, elegant, and tranquil.

Product Specifications


Brand:                              Bamboo 

SKU#:                               xxxxxx

Species Name:                 Bamboo

Type:                                Vertical

Color Name:                     Carbonized 

Length:                             37" Inches

Width:                               3 3/4" Inches

Thickness:                        5/8" Inches

Category:                         Plank

SqFt per Carton:              23.81

Weight per Carton:          50 Ibs

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