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Exotic Engineered
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Plank 5 7/16" Jatoba - Boen
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Product Description

The Jatoba Plank

Jatoba is a very hard wood, which is, because of its warm redbrown colour and high density often used for parquet floorings. Due to the big range of its geographical distribution in South America, the technical properties of Jatoba are very different. The wood has to be dried slowly especially because of its high density and interlocked fibres. Cracks in the surface are possible.

Jatoba is very stable. The wood is workable very well if using suitable tools. Problems concerning surface coating are hardly known as well as problems with glueing. Oiling is sometimes difficult. Jatoba is containing, due to its origin, mineral components, which can be visible after a while as whitish spots, when the parquet is exposed to UV-light. Paquio and Courbaril are further names of the wood.

Product Specifications


Brand:                              BOEN

SKU#:                               JAG83PPD

Botanical Name:              Hymenaes spp.

DIN EN 13556:                HIXX

Origin:                              South America

Wood Name:                    Jatoba

Width:                               5 7/16" Inches

Length:                             86 5/16" Inches

Thickness:                       9/16" Inches (14mm)

Wear Layer Thickness:   9/64" Inches (3.50mm)

Category:                          Plank

Construction:                    Engineered

Treatment:                        BOEN X-press

Installation:                      Floating       

Sqft per Pallet:                 1373.82     

Cartons per Pallet:           42

SqFt per Carton:              32.71


Environmental Attributes

Environmental Declaration

BOEN flooring is a product of natural materials. Respect for nature and for the requirement of environmental sustainability are reflected in our processing andmanagement of raw materials. BOEN constantly seek methods for processing the raw materials in the gentlest and most sustainable manner possible.

You can rely on BOEN to offer products that are developed for you.

The CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformance mark on many products placed on the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements. CE stands for Conformité Européenne, "European conformity" in French.

— We also know that as a manufacturer of timber products we have an important heritage to maintain. That is why we promote an open and ongoing dialogue with environmental authorities and organizations.

— BOEN is committed to not manufacturing products sourced from endangered wood species and is able to do this by developing and using the latest innovative technology.

— All raw material used in production is sourced from forest areas that are properly managed with a high degree

of regeneration. The goal is to ensure that all of our raw material is certified.  We invest in sustainable production and guarantee a controlled and certified supply chain. — We offer products that respect the environment and human well-being. The adhesive and surface treatments that we use do not produce any hazardous gases or other bi-products.


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