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Ash Engineered
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Terra Panga - Ash Hardwood - Du Chateau
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Product Description

The Terra Collection

The Terra Collection™ matches both contemporary and traditional interior designs with its modern dark colors. The unique colors and treatments reflect the unspoiled landscape of the world’s vast wilderness. From the lush, fertile volcanic flows, to the barren desert sand dunes, The Terra Collection™ is innovative, clean, and suited to fit a new generation of floors. The Terra Collection™ brings the beauty of nature to the comfort of interiors.

Ash is straight-grained, open pored, and hard. It is tough and yet elastic with high shock resistance and excellent steam bending characteristics. The wood is stable with little downgrade in drying. Ash has a clear white to pale yellow sapwood with heartwood pulling more to the light to medium tone browns.

Only Available in California

Product Specifications


Common Name: European Ash

Model:  EFGCA9

Length: 72"

Width: 7 7/16"

Thickness: 5/8"

Top Layer:  1/16"

Botanical Name: Fraxinus Exc

Janka Rating: 1320

Origin: Eura-Asia

Treatment: Natural Oiled, Thermo Treated, Wire Brushed

Face: Wire Brushed

Grade: Character

Finish: All Natural Hard-Wax Oil

Construction: 3 Ply Engineered

Installation Methods: Glue Down, Nail Down, Staple or Floating

Radiant Heating: Yes

Warranty: Lifetime Structural, 25 Years Finish - Residential, 3 Years Finish Commercial

Environmental Attributes

Available Options:
New Classics: Block Parquet 12":  
New Classics: Block Parquet 18":  
New Classics: Chevon:  
New Classics: Dbl Herringbone 3":  
New Classics: Dbl Herringbone 5":  
New Classics: Herringbone 3 1/2":  
New Classics: Herringbone 5":  
New Classics: Ladder Parquet:  
New Classics: Random Width:  
New Classics: Random Width-Wide:  
Palais: Avignon:  
Palais: Cheverny:  
Palais: Choumont:  
Palais: Fountainbleu:  
Palais: Tournon:  
Palais: Versailles:  
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