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Cork Floating Plank
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Naturals Rombo Cork - Nova
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Product Description



Product Specifications


Nova Naturals Cork Collections

Dimensions 12"x36"x7/16" or 3/8"
Top Layer: 3mm-2mm
Middle HDF: 6.8mm
Bottom Layer Cork: 1.2mm
Item# 891
Finish Water-based Polyurethane – 3 coats x 90gr/m2
Density Cork 480 kg/m3 – 30 lbs/ft3
Weight per Square Foot 1.6 lbs
Residual Indentation Max. 0.25mm
Wear Resistance Taber Abrader CS17 1000 gr. with 1000 cycles result:
0.018 gram
Fire Test CFLs2 (B2)-Class B2
Reaction to Static
Impact Sound Reduction 17Db
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 m2 K/W
Dimension Stability 0.10%
Resistance to Chemicals Resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats and known solvents, not resistant to alkalis PH>9
HDF Swelling Value After 24h <8%
Formaldehyde Testing 38 Ug/m3 Formaldehyde Free-E1
Packaging for 7/16” thick 18.08 sq/ft per carton – 6 planks in carton – 31 lbs
Packaging for 3/8” thick 21 sq/ft per carton – 7 planks in carton – 34 lbs
Storage conditions Store cartons in laying position where relative humidity is 50%-60% and temperature is between 60%-75%


Installation Specifications



If there are any questions about the instructions below or additional information required please call Nova Distinctive Floors at 866-576-2458. Nova Distinctive Floors is not responsible for any installation applications since Nova has no control over the installer’s proper application. Should an individual plank be doubtful as to appearance or dimension the installer should not use this piece. Cork floating floors expand and contract in response to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Maintain a moderate temperature and relative humidity around 50-60%; use de-humidifier or humidifier where necessary.


PE sheeting as a vapor seal, tape and adhesive.


Folding rule (tape measure), pencil, circular saw, hammer, straight edge, tapping block, spacing wedges.


Keep in mind that cork is a softer material than a hardwood floor so make sure not to over tap the planks, which may cause peaking around the seams. Color variations are expected in cork floors since it is a natural product. Shuffling the planks prior installation is required. Cork contains organic pigments. Just like a wood floor, cork will fade and should never be exposed directly to sunlight. Where possible, use drapes or other systems to protect your floor from excessive light. Additionally, UV inhibited clear coat protectors can be applied over your finished floor.


Nova Cork Floating Floors can be installed over concrete that is above grade, on grade or below grade. Concrete subfloors are required to be sound, smooth and level. Tolerance of level must be within 1/8" in 10'. Check concrete slab for moisture with Calcium Chloride moisture test. Moisture content cannot be more than 3 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. per 24 hours. Fill any low spots with leveler and scrape any high spots. Before installing Nova Cork Floating Floor, cover concrete floor with 6 mil polyethylene sheets, run up the wall 3”, overlap seams 8", and tape the sheets together. Install plank over this moisture barrier.


Subfloor must be clean and level. Fill any low spots with appropriate filler and sand any high spots. Tolerance of level must be within 1/8" in 10'. Subfloor must not exceed 14% moisture content (electrical resistance method). Check basements and under floor crawl spaces to be sure they are dry and well ventilated to avoid damage to planks caused by moisture. For buildings with crawl spaces, Nova Cork recommends the use of 6mil polyethylene sheeting as ground cover over the earth.


With radiant heat, heat source is directly beneath the flooring, so flooring may gain moisture or dry out faster than in a home with conventional heating system. For this installation, once slab has cured, turn heat on, regardless of season, and leave it on for at least 5-6 days before installation. Maximum surface temperature should never be more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).


Store cork flooring in the box flat by cross-stacking in unopened packages in the center of the job site for a minimum of 48 hours. During storage and installation, maintain temperature and relative humidity to level consistent to the conditions that will prevail when building is occupied. Heating or air conditioning should be used for an appropriate length of time prior and during installation. With improper acclimation, the floor could noticeably expand or contract after installation. Ideal conditions are 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-60% humidity.


Make sure to shuffle the planks prior to installation to achive the look you desire. Shorten the grove check on the boards required for the first row by the part protruding over the area to be covered. “Click” these boards in sideways using tapping block and align the first row of boards exactly with distance wedges. The interval to the wall and to all fixed components must be at least 3/8” (10mm) (with large rooms at least 1/16” per yard of room width). The wedges are to be removed once the entire floor is installed. The boards should be installed lengthwise to the light incidence. The only exception is with existing wood plank floors, install perpendicular to the direction of the existing floor.


Once the first row has been aligned precisely using a straight edge, begin installing the second row with the remaining piece of the last board of the first row. The front joints (cross joints) of the boards from row to row must however be offset by at least 1 foot. We recommend that the joints be centered on the plank of the previous row. Set the first board slightly diagonal as illustrated and “Click” this in by pressing against and lightly rocking. Proceed in the same manner with the second board and drive the front joints of this board into the first row (and so on) by using the tapping block.


Where there are heating pipes coming out of the floor cut around pipes allowing for expansion. Then cover with radiator rosettes.


As shown in the diagram (below), shorten door frames and doors to the height of the floor.


Fitting the last row: measure distance left (taking into account the wedge space) between the wall and the last row installed. Mark and cut the strip to be installed lengthwise. “Click” and fit as before.


The last row is driven in using the cramping tool.


Use wallbase boards, transition strips for completing your floor. Felt for table and chair leg bottoms are important details to protect your new floor. Your specialist dealer will help you with any advice you need and has a wide range of products available.


Warranty Information

Nova Cork Floors Warranty


All Nova Cork and Linoleum Floorings are covered by a 20 Year Residential Wear Warranty and 10 Year Commercial Wear Warranty. This warranty applies to the original end user and covers only approved product applications. Please note that the warranty is valid from the date of purchase as shown on the consumer's invoice. If any manufacturing defect occurs, Nova will issue a credit to the store on the original purchase of the product for replacement. Credit applies to material and does not include labor since it is the responsibility of the installer to determine suitability of material prior to installation.


The guarantee against wear is restricted to wear on the surface of the boards. The wear must be readily visible and cover a minimum of approximately 10% of the installed floor. Gloss reduction is not considered wear. This warranty is only valid if proper maintenance procedures are followed. Check with Nova for detailed information.


The following are expressly excluded from the present guarantee:

  1. Defects or damage caused by installation that does not comply with NovaCork recommended installation procedures. Any failure, as a result of improper installation, is the sole responsibility of the flooring contractor and/or installer.
  2. Problems due to moisture, mildew, alkaline substances, hydrostatic pressure, expansion and contraction between planks.
  3. Inadequate product choice for the flooring use conditions.
  4. Improper or not recommended dressings.
  5. Noncompliance with installation instructions and maintenance guidelines as recommended by Nova Distinctive Floors. Manufacturer cannot assume responsibility for the suitability of flooring material and accompanying products for each individual installation, as manufacturer has no control over the installer's proper application. Should an individual piece be doubtful as to appearance or dimension the installer should not use this piece. Failure to apply protective coating in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines may result in irreparable damage to the cork. Such damage is not covered.
  6. Damage due to improper maintenance. Refer to Nova Distinctive Floors Maintenance Instructions or call Nova Distinctive Floors for recommended products.
  7. Unapproved modification or repair.
  8. Damage due to exposure to excessive heat, cold or dryness (It is recommended that the relative humidity in a home stay in the healthy range of 40-60% throughout the year. To accomplish this, it may require the use of a de-humidifier or a humidifier depending on the condition).
  9. Warranty does not cover cracking, warping, soiling or abuse caused by items such as roller skates, stiletto heels, golf shoes or pets.
  10. Accidents or misuse.
  11. Labor on material installed with manufacturing defects.
  12. Dissatisfaction in color, shade or texture variations from samples or printed color illustrations. Since cork is a natural product it is expected to have color variation due to age of product; exposure to UV light and/or sunlight, therefore it is not a manufacturing defect. Shuffling is required.
  13. Exposure to UV light or sunlight will cause color variation/fading. Use draperies where possible or cure it with a UV finish product. Area rugs and large furniture will block light exposure and cause uneven coloration. To minimize this, furnishing and floor coverings should be moved periodically.
  14. Damage due to stains, scratches, gouges, scuffs, punctures, tears, fading, indentations, burns, lack of proper furniture rests, improper storage or other incident such as fire, flood (also leaky plumbing, overflowing of sinks or similar water damage) or abuse. -- Note: Sliding heavy furniture or appliances may permanently damage your Nova Cork Flooring Problems due to moisture, mildew, alkaline substances or hydrostatic pressure.


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