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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Methods, Lead & Delivery Times

Because any given shipment may ultimately be shipped from us or any one of our many vendors across the country (or any combination thereof) and because of the nature of the products we sell, all shippments must be worked out on an individual basis. 

Upon delivery, make sure to verify quantities and product condition. To guarantee customer satisfaction, please make note of the following when receiving your order:

  • Visually inspect the condition of the shipment. Make sure to adequately document any inconsistancies or damage on the delivery recipt. If necessary, take a picture.
  • Unless specifically requested (additional cost), all deliveries are curbside. This means that you must be present to receive the shipment. If you require a liftgate, you must let us know before it ships, otherwise, you will be held liable for the additional cost. 
  • Place the flooring indoors, preferrably at the site of installation, for acclimation, as per the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • DO NOT let the driver leave until you have verified the material received is in good condition and that all material has been accounted for. Any damaged or missing items must be noted on your delivery receipt. If not noted, it increases the amount of time required to seek resolution. And in such cases, you will be required to file directly with the carrier.

It is recommended that you do not schedule your installer until after you have received your entire order. In shipping items of this nature, many things can delay a shipment, over which we have absolutely no control: issues with the manugacturer, distributor or shipping company, weather conditions, goods damaged in-transit and the need to order replacement items, to name only a few. Delivery dates are only approximations and are never garunteed, under any circumstances.

Return Shipments
The customer is solely responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs incurred. Likewise, the customer is responsible for any and all restocking fees charged to us by our distributors.

Shipping Cost
We are not in business to profit from shipping costs; these charges reflect what is charged to us. It is in our best interests to minimize the cost and the hassle to you, and we do our very best to do just that!