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Marmoleum Sheet
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Forbo - Grey-dations - Marmoleum
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Product Description


Forbo Marmoleum Grey-dations Collections

Greys can be paired with lighter colors for a soft appearance or enhance vivid colors when placed next to them. Grey can be chic and modern, and can change the mood of almost any color combination.

For a strong, sophisticated and elegant room, choose the darker shades of grey or black. These colors are versatile and make other colors stand out in your room. Black works well with bright colors.


Product Specifications



Shades may vary from sample.

All colors avaiable in sheet format.
Roll width: 6’ 7”.
Backing: jute (sheet), polyester (tile).
Gauge: 1/10” (2.5 mm).
Click wear surface: 2 mm Marmoleum.
Click baseboard: water repellent HDF.
Click backing: 1 mm cork.
Click gauge: 3/8” (9.8 mm).

Available Colors and Styles

Available Colors and Styles








Available Options:
123 Black:  
171 Cement:  
173 Paving:  
186 Lead:  
2621 Dove Grey:  
2629 Eiger:  
2939 Black:  
3032 Mist Grey:  
3048 Graphite:  
3136 Concrete:  
3137 Slate Grey:  
3139 Lava:  
3146 Serene Grey:  
3257 Edelweiss:  
3421 Oyster Mountain:  
3568 Delta Lace:  
3570 Stormy Weather:  
3573 Trace of Nature:  
3574 Muddy Flow:  
3575 White Cliffs:  
3576 Sliding Glacier:  
3577 Petrified Wood:  
3601 Warm Grey:  
3607 Grey Dusk:  
3629 Frosty Grey:  
3701 Moon:  
3702 Liquid Clay:  
3703 Comet:  
3704 Satellite:  
3705 Meteorite:  
3707 Black Hole:  
3860 Silver Shadow:  
3866 Eternity:  
3872 Volcanic Ash:  
5226 Grey Granite:  
5301 Graffito:  
5302 Print:  
5305 Scrabble:  
5306 Domino:  
5311 Signo:  
5313 Aquatint:  
5314 Scenario:  
5315 Dry Point:  
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