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Marmoleum Sheet
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Forbo - Sunset Boulevard - Marmoleum
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Product Description

Forbo Marmoleum Sunset Boulevard Collections
We associate red with love and strength and it is the color that we pay most attention to. The heat of red can be toned down by a cool blue or you can combine multiple shades of red for a cheerful color palette.
Orange expresses energy and enthusiasm and symbolizeswarmth and balance. The vibrance of orange can be used as an attention-getting pop of color in your design.
Yellow represents joy and hope and is reminiscent of thebright sun on a warm summerday. A happy color like yellow can perk up your blue color palette or add a high-tech look to a grey or black.

Product Specifications



Shades may vary from sample.

All colors avaiable in sheet format.
Roll width: 6’ 7”.
Backing: jute (sheet), polyester (tile).
Gauge: 1/10” (2.5 mm).
Click wear surface: 2 mm Marmoleum.
Click baseboard: water repellent HDF.
Click backing: 1 mm cork.
Click gauge: 3/8” (9.8 mm).

Available Colors and Styles

Available Colors and Styles


Available Options:
2767 Rust:  
3125 Golden Sunset:  
3126 Kyoto:  
3127 Bleeckerstreet:  
3131 Scarlet:  
3203 Henna:  
3225 Dandelion:  
3226 Marigold:  
3241 Orange Sorbet:  
3243 Stucco Rosso:  
3251 Lemon Zest:  
3352 Berlin Red:  
3365 Original Brown:  
3403 Asian Tiger:  
3405 Granada:  
3411 Sunny Day:  
3416 Fiery Fantasy:  
3622 Mellow Yellow:  
3625 Salsa Red:  
3633 Pyrenean Lily:  
3635 Strawberry Fields:  
3637 Fox:  
3712 Orange Shimmer:  
3825 African Desert:  
3846 Natural Corn:  
3847 Golden Saffron:  
3870 Red Copper:  
5213 Waving Wheat:  
5214 Sunset Valley:  
5221 Colour Stream:  
5223 Grand Canyon:  
5229 Fresh Walnut:  
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