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Marmoleum Sheet
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Forbo - Striato - Marmoleum
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Product Description

Forbo Marmoleum Striato Collection

Marmoleum Striato’s retro-yet-modern linear design adds an extra dimension to large, tall and open spaces. By playing with color and exploring the boundaries of a 150-year old process, we created new designs and color combinations.

The Striato collection is available in 18 colors that hint both towards natural wood as well as stone impressions.. 


Product Specifications



Sku: 5227 

Color: Water Colour

Thickness: 0.1 In

Length x Width: 105 ft x 79 in

Ncs: S 2010-G90Y

Lrv: 49%

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Available Colors and Styles

Also Available Colors

Layered Rock

 5224 layered rock

Pacific Beaches

5216 Pacific beaches

White Wash

5230 white wash

Trace of Nature

3573 trace of nature

White Cliffs

3575 white cliffs

Colour Stream

5221 colour stream

Grand Canyon

5223 Grand Canyon

Waving Wheat

5213 waving wheat

Compressed Time

5225 compressed time

Grey Granite

5226 grey granite

Sliding Glacier

3576 sliding glacier

Hidden Colours

5228 hidden colours

Fresh Walnut

5229 fresh walnut

Mangrove Roots

5222 mangrove roots

Withered Prairie

5217 withered prairie

Welsh Moor

5218 Welsh moor

Petrified Wood

3577 petrified wood

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